May 22, 2012

Recap & blog troubles! >:(

Even though there are only around three people that I have shown this blog to, it is still sad that I haven't written a blog post in the last three or so days. So to make it up to all of y'all (3 peoples), I will write a recap (Dot, Dot, Dot) Such a response.

  1. Sunday I saw the movie The Dictator with a friend... Entertaining enough I guess, but of course very immature.
  2. Monday, was a bad day... I was to bring my over $1000.00c camera to school and take photographs of the play in Drama (which I and another person playing the lead character (in 2 different performances) was being rehearsed. I brought my camera to school, but forgot the battery and for some reason that made me really angry! >:( But the worst thing was that I lost my school keys (for my locker) and USB.
  3. Tuesday which is today... I am writing this blog post.
The rest of the time on my blog I was trying to fix a 'Contact me' page which I am still working on. Just trying to figure out an annoying error as it is using a reCAPTCHA system and it seems to be to large for the area of my blog post part of the page - making it display an error surrounding the reCAPTCHA... Annoying.

I am starting to think my previous blog posts were written in a bad unprepared way, I will work on that and make this blog complete (with a 'Contact me', ???, ???, etc. pages).

Mika Efrat.
Post Script: and as always:

THE END, but I promise next time will be a better time???

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