May 26, 2012

I don't know...

I asked a friend while talking on Skype what should I write a blog post about and he replied "I don't know...". That was a very smart response. There are many things I could be writing about "I don't know...". I don't know how I should start this post, even though I already have, I am just not do not, know what know about how what I should what when why to start writing about. I don't know how many years till they invent time maching till invent hover car. I don't know how to write. I don't know what the responce pepole will think abou tmy this post, they wuiilll oorapky (probably) think it is stupid and *wahat a, m I on a bout. I don't kln0pw how to backgspace. What else don;'t iu know, how do I pbe sane. I ahave a blaloon next to me and I anm frowing ti up in the aiur.ERHHRHHRHHERH i can make funny sounds thats what I do know. I don't lknow much about the pheory of malecular physics, I just know ikts name. Ia m fgoing to playq a game, it is called - "write as fast and ammd ass much as  you can without stopping..... START !!!!!!1 I amm a ghyyman mbeing ai an da snsindm human being I am a nice human being I can say words fast aI aci Ic ciI cacvi Ic actually can write fast awtithhout swtopijng and no spellijgm g miostakes ibut I feel bpersssuread and I am trirwe..d Actually I forgot to write a anl;ogs bpost.... THE reaaston I didn't write a blog post for the last few days is because It saawa was my birthday yesterday and I had celebratikns fun it was a lot of fun I am now 15... That is odlll... I don;t nsoknow ,,., hefueojakjkljmwl uy that siuws supposed itoo bee a fwords but it was hard to spelll,.... kU OIHAIHKJLHAKLH KUAWKWYIR that is fake,,,,,, I want to tellllll yellll herllollll, HELLLO!

Wow that was bad.

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