August 12, 2013


I don't know if I like school or I don't like school. Homework is almost a stupid excuse that teachers put on us so we aren't able to pursue our hobbies and stop us from hassling our parents about when dinner will be made... - I'M KIDDING!!! After having done schools mandatory work experience I realised, WOW - is work easier compared to school, it focuses on one topic you are good at, and you continue doing work in that field to actually make a difference in the world. Sure we're learning in school, but I don't need ALL THIS MATH, SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY, etc. Sure, there are some aspects in all of these classes that make us really interested, but I've been doing this pointless work for the last three years of High School and it seems over-the-top unlikely that I would need to know what a Neutron looks like in a highly detailed graph.

Social aspects are yeah-ish... Ups, Downs, all arounds... But that's not the point of school. We go to school to learn, or something?... WAIT I REMEMBER...

The memories:

School not only gives us some of the greatest memories in our life's - it is the BEST TIME IN OUR LIFE! We are deciding on our future, we got school activities, Sports Day, International Day, Day's Off Day's... ITS SO MUCH FUN!

So now I can relax, and think over why I wrote this...

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