July 07, 2012

Long time no type

I have not written a blog post in such a long time... To make it up to my loyal fans out there. bit.ly/1cnJ6j ...
Anyway, I wanted to bring news of my current doings:
.Today I uploaded a YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDOOlUc2gXI&feature=g-all-u
.I obtained a new camera, which happens to use Advance Photo System film, I do not know were I am going to get it developed. Soon I shall develop 2 rolls of 35mm film, one of the rolls happens to be expired 2005, the other is not expired.

Whatever, not much news, but to make it up, I shall upload a picture that I drew onto this blog:
WAIT WAIT WAIT: I GOT DISTRACTED AND FOUND THAT I HAVE 4 DISLIKES NOW. I know that one of my likes was my 'Mokaman51' account, another was my other account 'MikaEfrat', the third one was a friend of mine that I asked to have this video 'liked', actually my dad just liked the video, but WHO IS THE FOURTH LIKER?

Anyway, now for the picture:

THE END, finally...

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