May 19, 2012

Garage Sale

I had a garage sale today with my parents. It was only the day before the garage sale that I got all my junk together and threw it in a pile on the floor of my room. The thing about this sale was that I became more greedy as the day went on, near the end I was really trying to find random things to bring outside to sell, I managed to sell 10 of half the DVD's in my 200 or so DVD collection (100 of which were... Bad) and made 2 dollar piles of cheap DVD's bought from Bali.

At the end of the day I agreed it was a successful sale and placed all my cash in my wallet with a questioning smirk on my face. Questioning you ask, well that was because of my continuousness to find more things to sell. I felt that maybe I was trying to find too many things and priced some of them a dollar two much (well are DVD's too expensive for $2?) I don't know if I would call it greediness but I sure wanted to make more money.

It wasn't that much of a busy day, I finally went down from my room at 8:00AM when the sale had started around 7:00AM and funnily enough the peak of the sale (from what I had witnessed) was around 12:00PM (probably because people are having walks and stuff), I heard from my dad the peak was around 7:00 when we opened it, because that is the time when the 'Professional Cheapskates' are eager for their cheap purchases with their cheap grin and cheap smile and cheap face and cheap...

But it was interesting to meet all these different characters of people going to my garage sale and to see what types of things they would buy, I found toys were the biggest seller, Tableware second and DVD's also doing good. I had made a few mistakes and learnt from them for my next garage sale (not in a long time):
  1. being not sure if I should of sold these (Limited Edition Metal) DVD cases with nothing in them as my parents at first thought nobody would buy them, well people did as I put them out half way through the day.
  2. Should of collected the 'junk' earlier.
  3. Next time I will now what to put out from my newly learnt business strategies.
So today was defiantly a successful one and am happy with my results.

THE END, I like writing THE END at the end of the blog post, last time I wrote it without a space underneath but I think I should of wrote it with a space. This is a long ending...

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